Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Drainspot of the week - Hong Kong

British born, Australian artist, Remo Camerota and Hisako Camerota, photographer, from Japan are in Hong Kong this week for the 150th anniversary of Towngas. Remo was invited to participate in the celebrations by creating a unique Manhole Pit Cover for the streets of Hong Kong, see below, and also hosting workshops and appearances throughout Hong Kong in Oct 2012. "It is a great honor to be invited to Hong Kong and help shape the color of their streets for years to come, and I hope HK embrace this form of street art and continue to add to their Pit Cover collection". So far Towngas have added 150 Pit Covers to the streets. Drainspotting photos the book are also part of an exhibition that helps commemorate the 150th anniversary. Other artists work on exhibit are Shepard Fairey(Obey), Space Invader, Rendo, Flying Fortress, London Police from the Metroweb Milan, also Graphic Airlines, Fiona Sit, Chocolate Rain and more.
A design competition was also held for students and artists to send their Pit Cover designs in for inclusion in the celebration. The winners are to be included in the streets. Remo helped judge these works and now several young artists are able to see their work in the streets of HK.
From HK, this has been, and is a great week for Drainspotting.

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DRAINSPOTTING ON IPAD from Remo Camerota on Vimeo.

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