Friday, December 17, 2010

Amazon Best Seller Drainspotting now at no 4

So it seems to go up and down quite a bit, but Drainspotting is still sitting in the top 10 of the Amazon Best Sellers List for the last Month or so, under Asian Photography. It is also floating around the 40 - 50 mark for categories Architecture and photojournalism and has been doing this for about a month or two. I have not seen it at no 1 yet, but chances are it has been there, because they update this hourly. I only started checking it recently. If anyone knows if there is a graph of sorts, please let me know.

Check it out here

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bellemeade Books and Forecast Public Art Christmas Book List

It's fifteen days before Christmas. Did you forget anyone on your twice-checked list? Or maybe you've just decided to have another nog and wander online until inspiration strikes, and "accidentally" discover something for yourself at 3 a.m.? In any event or whichever method you choose to shop, Santa's on his way -- that nimble and quick elf waits for no one.

Here are some titles published in the past year that have been reviewed in BellemeadeBooks.

View  List Here

Forecast Public Arts has also done a review on Drainspotting for their prestigious quarterly magazine. Tucked in the pages of Forecast Public Arts you will find a drainspotting article sitting along side some great other books picked out by the editors. Again, this is a great indication for a wonderful christmas gift. Find it on page 83...

Friday, December 10, 2010

LoveBots: LoveBots No 1 Staff Favorite on App store Japan!

LoveBots: LoveBots No 1 Staff Favorite on App store Japan!: "Check it out, after 1 week in the market LoveBots has become an Apple staff Favorite. The team at Kit Robot are thrilled with this result an..."

Saturday, December 4, 2010

No 3 on Amazon Best sellers in photography Asia

Last week Drainspotting Hit No 3 as  best seller In the catagory of photography, Asia. It has now dropped to no 12 but as last week was the first time i ever checked the result, i wonder if it was ever no 1. i cant seem to find a best seller graph.

Anyway, no 12 still isnt bad. It stayed up as no 3 for a over a week as far as i know.
If anyone knows how to check the history of best sellers on Amazon, please let us know.
 Amazon Best Sellers

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


LoveBots: LOVEBOTS IS HERE AND AVAILABLE NOW!: "Welcome to Kit Robot - Lovebots by Remo Camerota and Kiyoshi Kohatsu! This is your online companion for all new and relevant information ab..."

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Recently TV Asahi, Japan Channel 10 - Show Wide Scramble came to my studio and interviewed me about Drainspotting. The Japanese seem very proud that a westerner comes to their country and discovers something unique to share with the world. This is a typical Japanese lunchtime Variety show, where they do a small interview and then a panel of artistic academics discuss the item, in this case the Drainspotting Book. 


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was recently asked to be a Judge for Singapore, Wonderful World Of Water Competition, because of my book Drainspotting. The Singapore council, after being influenced by Japanese Drain Covers and my Book Drainspotting contacted me in regards to this honorable position. Kelveen Soh, one of the organizers, told me that they decided to have a competition to invite designers to send in submissions for Drain Covers for Singapore. They are trying to raise awareness and activate the community around Singapore to be involved in reshaping their environment.
I was honored to be asked to be a judge. Check website below for entries and winners.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


While in London I had the great pleasure to visit the TATE MODERN to do a book signing of my new book Drainspotting. You can check out the Shots on Flickr. And if you are quick you may be able to get down and pick up a signed copy - if u are in London!

Alice @ Revolt Arts Space Melbourne

This is my Latest piece in the Scar Vol 1 guerilla marketing campaign for REVOLT Arts Space: : This time Melbourne Australia. Finally I got to paint a lasting work in my home town!! Check it out on my Flickr , you can see final shots and and the process of painting it.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I am honored to receive the prize for best art photo book at NY book festival. I was presented my award at a gala in NY city in june. The festival has been running for 10 or so years and has 100s of entries of which they chose mine as the best photo art book.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Drainspot of the week submitted by Drainspotting FAN  Edd Parris


Christopher daniel interviews Remo for a 2nd time on his new book Drainspotting and various other projects on the go. Its a great articled and captures my essence as an artist.

                                    click here  FRANK151

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Drainspotting has hit the Guardian, yes the Brits are all over Japanese funny as it sounds. See the link below for a gallery of close ups that are not necessaraly in the book or the Ipad/iphone App.
Drainspotting Extras is also available on Ipad/Iphone and has been a staff favorite in Australia, USA and now lets go for the UK Itunes store as a Fav!

                                           GUARDIAN APOST UK

                                    AVAILABLE ON THE APP STORE


Monday, May 24, 2010

Drainspotting Official T Shirts Available

So if you want to get your hands on custom designer T Shirts, made by me, featuring fascinating Manhole Cover Designs : Then hit the link below and check them out - I think they are really cool!
They come in all shapes and sizes for men, women, kids and even dogs if you want it!

Artsprojekt E Store

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Black Book really like the innuendoes

The phrase "manhole enthusiast" gets us thinking some naughty thoughts, but there are actually people out there just really fascinated by manholes, as in the the covers to underground utility vaults, not more gutter-minded pursuits. In Japan, the manhole covers are actually beautiful, unique designs, and they're the subject of a new book.

Read Full Article Here

Cool Hunting : Great Review

"Drainspotting" puts Remo Camerota's popular blog of Japanese manholes into a square-shaped book of amazing construction and bizarre imagery. As the title suggests, Drainspotting requires an eye for the odd bursts of color along city streets.
Camerota transformed his obsession into a startling gallery of funny, strange and delicately designed drain covers. The strong colors in many of the discs create an effect of otherworldly being. They appear too strong, too imaginative to serve such a utilitarian function.

Read the full article here:

Monday, May 10, 2010


Yes one of my favorite magazines have reviewed the Drainspotting Book and Ipad App, and I get the Thumbs up from the good folks down at Wired. This is very exciting for me as I have been a WIRED reader for a long time. Check out the article here.

Friday, May 7, 2010


ITS HERE! The Drainspotting book just arrived at my house for a preview and I now have it in my hands. Here are the first look photos of the book including the lovely gold embossing on the cover. Its an absolutely gorgeous piece of work, BRAVO Mark Batty Publisher, you have done it again. Drainspotting, the follow up to my first book Graffiti Japan. After 1 year of production the book hits the stores worldwide this May.
Be sure to keep an eye out, or order it online at

Monday, April 26, 2010


Drainspotting Extras: Japnese Manhole Covers, the App, has hit the New and Noteworthy page on ITUNES. Yes this is the front page! When i started off this little project I really didn't think that so many people would be so interested in these fascinating manhole covers, as I myself am, but I was wrong!. Thanks to everyone out there that is Drainspotting around the world and carrying on this OTAKU tradition through this Japanese phenomenon, we have hit the front page of ITUNES!
Next stop hopefully will be Whats Hot.
Drainspotting Extras, the title : So after much deliberation and conversation with MBP, my publisher for the Hard Copy Book, we have all decided that it would be best to call the Ipad App, Drainspotting Extras, instead of just Drainspotting. We decided this because we thought that people would possibly think that the App may be the book itself. It is pretty clear throughout  the App and any descriptions that it is not the same as the book, and i can assure you all, that the photographs in the book and in the App are different drainspots. 
The reason I put together the app was because we could not fit all of the wonderful Drainspotting photographs collected into the first book. So I decided to create this App so as people  could start collecting them all and seeing much more variety of Manhole Covers. I say this, because it is like collecting. Once you have seen one compelling manhole cover, you just want to keep seeing more. It is highly addictive and there are over 6000 drainspots to have!
Extra news is DRAINSPOTTING the BOOK has arrived at Mark Batty Publisher and I am eagerly awaiting to hold the very first copy in my hands when it arrives via UPS to Japan... EXCITING!
I will be previewing a first look here soon.
Download the App from Itunes: 

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Drainspotting hard copy will be coming to a book store near you soon, but for a preview of this wonderful book you can now download the IPAD version from Itunes store. This elegant IPAD companion features over 50 extra manhole covers and photographs that are not included in the hard back copy, and it serves as an electronic companion to the book. In this copy, View the process of making manhole covers at the Nagashima factory in a photo essay and discover the first look of manholes documented through beautifully crafted photographs and stylish design in a coffee table type book on your IPAD. Visit this hidden Japanese culture for the first time, documented in a complete volume of work including  electronic and hard back. 
                   DOWNLOAD NOW FROM ITUNES


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This presentation was presented by Remo Camerota at Tokyo #71. Uploaded on 1st April 2010Remo takes us through his books on Japanese graffiti on to his upcoming release on Japanese manhole covers which will be titled DrainSpotting, his next book Menko japan and his graphic novel due for release soon - Scar! 


Friday, February 26, 2010


Menko: Art of the Japanese Game Card          

Menko: Art of the Japanese Game Card


MENKO Literally meaning "small object with a face" the game of menko has existed in Japan for over 250 years. Children play it by throwing a card against another in an effort to flip it or knock it out of a ring. Victory is based on who has knocked the most cards out at the end of the game.
The earliest figures depicted on menko pieces were ninjas and samurai; later fighter jets and tanks became popular. As outside influences were imposed on Japan, menko cards reflected Western culture from baseball to Mickey Mouse along with, of course, Japanese popular culture figures. Menko: Art of the Japanese Game Card colorfully documents the graphic history of this traditional pastime, which is still played today and was the inspiration for the wildly popular Pog. This is my latest addition to the growing titles from Mark Batty Publisher and is available now as a pre order and physically in june 2010.


DRAINSPOTTING ON IPAD from Remo Camerota on Vimeo.

Here is a brief look at Drainspotting on the IPAD. Check it out at the app store for IPAD and IPHONE, along with my other photo apps. Its 99c for a short time - while the IPAD is being launched world wide. Also voted as a best designed app by the good folks at
Check it out, love it, download it.