Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cool Hunting : Great Review

"Drainspotting" puts Remo Camerota's popular blog of Japanese manholes into a square-shaped book of amazing construction and bizarre imagery. As the title suggests, Drainspotting requires an eye for the odd bursts of color along city streets.
Camerota transformed his obsession into a startling gallery of funny, strange and delicately designed drain covers. The strong colors in many of the discs create an effect of otherworldly being. They appear too strong, too imaginative to serve such a utilitarian function.

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DRAINSPOTTING ON IPAD from Remo Camerota on Vimeo.

Here is a brief look at Drainspotting on the IPAD. Check it out at the app store for IPAD and IPHONE, along with my other photo apps. Its 99c for a short time - while the IPAD is being launched world wide. Also voted as a best designed app by the good folks at
Check it out, love it, download it.