Thursday, May 16, 2013

DevoBots (Universal) | iDesignSound

DevoBots (Universal) | iDesignSound

“Kit Robot has been working in collaboration with pop icons DEVO for the last year to bring you this exclusive App featuring unreleased Sound Loops from the 1980s Devo Archives, allowing you to play and mix your very own music using our unique DevoBots synthesizer. Inspired by analogue synths from the 1970s, we bring you a sound device reminiscent of DEVOs very own synths utilizing their very own sound as well as Korg, Moog, sequential circuits and Roland.
“And its not just for music fans or Devo fans. Wether you are into Devo or not this App will capture your imagination, guaranteed. DevoBots also includes our Kit Robot Avatar engine combined with unique DEVO color form assets, enabling you to create your very own DEVOBOT ARMY! This is the first ever App utilizing one of the most influential bands of the last 40 years, making this the must have No 1 DEVO App.
“DevoBots is a digital robot assembly kit, like a digital Lego or Mr Potato Head. The user can create millions of robots out of the box using assets to build your very own DEVOBOT, mimicking the bands outfits and personas from the past 40 years. DevoBots is also a music synthesizer to use as a unique sound generator for your recordings, or live in a professional setting, by manipulating the sound in realtime to achieve unique music.
“New Assets and Sound packs will become available through In App Downloads making the app ever evolving and modular.”
  • Play with DEVO competition. Create a track to be featured by DEVO in an up coming release or promo.
  • Hi Resolution Retina screen interface
  • 2 in 1 app, DEVO Synthesizer and Devo Robot assembly Kit
  • Original DEVO music loops from the 1980′s
  • Create and manipulate music in realtime using our unique DevoBot effects pad
  • Sample your own sounds and music with the onboard sampler
  • Expand the synthesizer by collecting NEW Devo sound banks as they become available.
  • Including over 10,000 professionally designed assets inspired by the evolution of Devo
  • Collect new DevoBot asset packs as they become available
  • Output over 1 million DevoBot designs for your profile on Facebook, Twitter etc,
  • create desktop images, posters, Tee shirts using Hi Res Retina output.
  • Use your own background to display your DevoBot
  • Use the camera to turn your friends and family into DevoBots
  • Share your designs easily with friends online



DRAINSPOTTING ON IPAD from Remo Camerota on Vimeo.

Here is a brief look at Drainspotting on the IPAD. Check it out at the app store for IPAD and IPHONE, along with my other photo apps. Its 99c for a short time - while the IPAD is being launched world wide. Also voted as a best designed app by the good folks at
Check it out, love it, download it.